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Thank You, Travel Channel: Reading Terminal Market and DiNic’s

The last time I went to Reading Terminal Market was senior year of high school in 2004. I was in University City for the day looking at colleges with two friends, and we swung by during a break from the tour. An establishment known for having a multitude of eating options, and I have zero recollection of what we ate.

Again, this is why this blog exists.

 Roast Pork Philadelphia

Waiting in line with the many other patrons waiting to get their hands on DiNic’s. Oh, baby.

During two recent trips to Tampa and Milwaukee, I made sure to have the local must-haves, whether the Cuban (Gilligan’s) or cheese curds (kiosk at General Mitchell International Airport—don’t judge). So when Travel Channel host Adam Richman named DiNic’s roast pork the Best Sandwich in America, I knew it would mark my return to Reading Terminal Market.

I met up with my boyfriend for lunch one weekday (I was also in University City for the day, just like before. Whoa. Full circle). We walked and browsed the aisles until we came upon the long line wrapped around the counter of DiNic’s.

We stood in line for twenty minutes as I suddenly struggled to decide between the now famous-beyond-Philly roast pork, aka “Best Sandwich in America,” and the pulled pork, a personal favorite. I decided I had to go with the much touted roast pork, complete with shaved provolone and broccoli rabe.

The sandwich was good, and is definitely worth checking out. I’d switch it up and make a go for the pulled pork next time.

roast pork

The roast pork, in all her glory.

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