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It’s Who You Know: Networking at Reserve and The Continental

If the horrible economy and being a communications graduate have taught me anything, it’s the importance of networking. Something I heard plenty about in college, but spent little action doing.

I was young, unsure and confused about life after graduation. (Obviously, not uncommon.) Like I tell my brother, it’s OK to not know what you want to do; however, it’s not OK to not do anything about it. This means career research, armchair and field. Three years out of college, and I’ve LinkedIn, emailed, talked on the phone, gotten lunch and gone to a fair share of networking events and workshops with people. Putting yourself out there also creates this awesome ripple effect: you go to one event, for instance, meet someone, connect, and then get invited to a separate event with new attendees.

In September, I attended a happy hour that was a by-product of said very process. Thrown by The Empire Builders Group, it was held at Reserve, a restaurant/bar/lounge near Penn’s Landing. In addition to half-off drinks and complimentary appetizers, my guest and I got to pose for photos along with other attendees.

Photos courtesy of The Empire Builders Group, empirebuilders.com

Fun with alcohol and fire, our two favorite pastimes

After attending that event, and thanking and following up with the hostess, I was introduced to a friend and colleague in social media.

Cue to a few exchanged emails, we met up at Steven Starr’s The Continental for some Philly media talk and lunch. I had the grilled chicken sandwich, which was yum (sorry to any foodies, I realize my descriptions are lacking).

For tips on how to network better, I recommend Ramit Sethi and his blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich It’s also an excellent resource for saving money, getting the job you want and negotiating salary.

So, a little networking and a little drinking and dining at two places I had never been to before. Not too shabby.

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