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I Thank Thee: PA Renaissance Faire

Now, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is not in Philadelphia (let me redirect you to the money in the bank clause), but it’s about an hour and a half drive away in Manheim, just above Lancaster. I’m writing about it now because Faire season is coming to an end and is concluding this Sunday, October 28. Take advantage of one of the last temperate weekends—and the special Halloween farewell itinerary—and check it out!

Enjoying some ale and watching a lil’ jousting. Don’t you ‘joust’ love it?

Perhaps not-so-shockingly, going to the Ren Faire was never a suggested hangout growing up. Most people were “too cool” and perceived it as nerdy. My own mom worried about the people who would attend. Dressing up as a knight or wizard was never my thing either, but over-zealous dresser-uppers don’t bother me. I appreciate passion! And so, I headed to the Ren Faire for the first time two months ago.

Parking is free and admission is relatively cheap if you score coupons from any of these locations. The many food and drink choices are what zapped my wallet. Over the course of the long afternoon, I ate from the Die Deutsche Kuche and ordered the three little pigs (bratwurst, kielbasa and smoked pork), got gelato at The Queen’s Confections, and sampled many wines. Everything was very delectable.

In addition to good eating and drinking, there are clothing and jewelry pop-up shops, ensemble shows, and even tarot card readings! Any kind of “fortune telling” (note the quotes) is fun for me, so I happily paid $10 for a reading. While waiting for the grand finale, my friend and I walked around, took photos, lounged in a pretty garden area and tried on some beautiful garments.

The people running the Ren Faire are com-mit-ted to the language and clothing of the era, from the vendors to the actors. It was not unusual to hear “I thank thee” when commenting on the attire or just for attending, and I didn’t see a single worker break character. The day concluded with a jousting in front of the royal court, with audiences on either side cheering for a knight.

So get thee to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the experience. I threw on a knee-length, flowy skirt and sandals. Even if it’s not your deal, nerd out, indulge and try something new. You never know what you don’t try!

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