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Fall into Fall: Haunted Philly Ghost Tour and Devil’s Alley

So far this season, I’ve been on two hayrides, stocked up on pumpkin and apple cider, gone pumpkin picking, eaten pumpkin ice cream and watched my fair share of scary movies (including Halloween about eight times). I only hope your autumn has been as productive.

Most of these activities have taken place outside Philly at neighboring farms. However, two appropriately themed adventures have taken place locally.

Back in late summer, two willing participants accompanied me to the Grim Philly Twilight Tour. We scored tickets through Groupon on the cheap and showed up outside the Independence Visitor Center for “Vampires, Sex, Ghosts …and so much more!” (One caveat: each patron had to pay an additional fee for “discount voucher registration.” We were in a large group of 40-50 people, but one guy in particular made a vocal complaint on the spot to both the tour goers and guide about the pop-up fee. It’s still listed on the site, so I’m assuming it’s here to stay for now.)

The tour was a 90-minute, guide-led walk around the streets of Philadelphia by cemeteries, buildings and through parks. It was a blend of history, lore, sex and tales of torture. Nothing too gory or inappropriate, though I would advise not bringing along young kids. (We watched awkwardly as a mom explained what a merkin was to her pre-teen child.) A fun time had by all.

More recently, a huge group of party goers and I attended a Halloween bash, also in the city. It was a you must dress up or you will

NFL Replace Referee costume


not be allowed in, and if for some reason we do let you in you will be mercilessly mocked for having no creativity or sense of humor type of affair, which I wholeheartedly loved. When it comes to costumes, I prefer cute and topical, so I went as a replacement referee! To anyone who needs a reminder, the replacement refs were much maligned this football season, especially after a particularly bad, bad call in the Packers-Seahawks game in Week 3. Incomplete! Touchdown! Refs will never be looked at the same again.

My outfit consisted of sideways stripes, a party favor whistle, yellow cray paper flags, homemade numbers and letters on the back of my referee shirt, and a whole lot of black and white tape. Most people saw me as a ref, but only one person in particular stopped to ask if I was, in fact, a replacement ref, subsequently earning a special place in my heart.

After a few hours of imbibing and mingling in our costumes, we headed over to Devil’s Alley on Chestnut Street. I sipped on bay breeze after bay breeze, while I took in the decorations and other patrons decked out in Halloween gear. It was a small, intimate place with downstairs bathrooms. Nothing special about that last detail, but it’s pretty darn important.

This group loves Halloween to the MAX

Hope everyone had a nice Halloweekend and is enjoying the fall season!

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