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Beer Lovers Take Flight: Yards Brewery Tour

Before I begin, visit the Yards Brewery website and click no for “Are you 21 years or older?” This was my Savage Garden “I knew I loved you before I met you” moment.

In early November, a group of us decided to visit Yards Brewery on 901 N. Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia, right by SugarHouse Casino.Yards Brewery We took in one of the last Saturday tours and waited in the Tasting Room until our designated poker chip color was called. The tour is free (just bring a picture ID confirming your 21 and over-ness) and collect your sample of Yards beer.

Mike led our tour, a group of about 30, through the brewery. I went from night to day, visiting the massive MillerCoors brewery over the summer in Milwaukee, to this intimate, neighborhood brew house. Mike was funny and entertaining, yet firm when needed. In fact, he diplomatically handled a small group of rowdy 30-something-year-olds (who I can only imagine had their first experiences with alcohol and not shutting up) on our tour.

You can check out this list concerning the tour and information about the beer-making process. One cool fact? A lot of the materials inside the building (including the floor and bar top) are recycled, reused or reclaimed. I’ll drink to that — and I did!

We capped off the visit with $5 beer flights and a picture to hold the tour in our hearts forever. I’ve since recommended Yards Brewery, and I look forward to going back.

Inexpensive, cool, local brewery beers makes us happy

Inexpensive, cool, local brewery beers makes us happy

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