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Happy Home Opener! Tour of Citizens Bank Park

On Christmas Eve 2012, my boyfriend gifted me with a behind-the-scenes tour of Citizens Bank Park. In late January we took our scheduled trip and roamed the halls of the only ballpark I’ve ever really known as home.

Sure, I’d been to Veterans Stadium in my early years. But those ball games were during an era when you could get free tickets with the purchase of select pork products. I do have one faint memory of a partially obstructed view, uncomfortable seats, and sitting with a friend and her dad waiting to get permission to walk around the stadium. Oh, the late 90s.

A more recent, clear memory of the Vet was in March 2004—when it was demolished on TV. I was a junior in high school and down the shore with my mom and sister for a girls’ getaway. (Even more memorable was the day before when a technician came to our room to fix the malfunctioning television set. A moment my sister would later describe in her LiveJournal as “Without warning, his pants dropped to the ground!” A dramatic retelling of, fair enough, extreme plumber’s crack.)

Fast-forward to Citizens Bank Park and the day of our tour. The morning began with a short film detailing CBP and the history of the park. From there, we toured the stadium, went through some team history, and saw some neat relics of Phillies past and present. We enjoyed the approximately 90-minute tour, and everyone kept their pants on. Happy home opener, and Go Phils!

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