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Hot Town, Sprummer in the City: The River Deck, Festival Pier & The Abbaye

On Saturday, June 8, while many young Philadelphians were camped out in the parking lots surrounding Wells Fargo in drunken anticipation of the Kenny Chesney concert, I was a ways up north across the street from Festival Pier. In lieu of a pirate flag and an island girl, I traded it in for Coors Light next to a self-storage facility and an Icelandic girl, one Nanna Hilmarsdóttir.  Of Monsters and Men was performing that night, and I was there for my first show at the Pier.

On the cusp of summer, it was a hot and sunny day spent off N. Columbus Blvd. I, along with three others, enjoyed the nice weather and watched some questionably funny SNL videos (I still don’t get it) before making our way to The River Deck.

Cavanaugh's River Deck Philadelphia

Excited for my very late debut visit to Cavanaugh’s River Deck

This is pretty absurd, but I’ve never been to Cavanaugh’s. Not as a college student, not for a bachelorette party, and certainly not after a red eye flight from the west coast followed by a wedding and then a girls’ night out. Plans to go here were either always nixed or fell through. But not this day. For pre-show drinks and food, we stopped by The River Deck and claimed our spot by the Delaware River.

Cavanaugh's River Deck Philadelphia

Contemplating life. And approaching ducks. While making a duck face.

The concert began soon after, and we headed next door to Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing. It was a packed house, and the stage was set for Of Monsters and Men to perform. A couple of us broke off and grabbed a space to the side of the stage. The band was great live, and the stage erupted with blasts of purple confetti.

Festival Pier Concert Philadelphia

Watching shiny strips of colored paper fall from the sky, and you can’t help but think that rain could really step up its game

After the concert, we directed our very obliging out-of-state driver to The Abbaye in No Libs for post-show pickle backs and the much-buzzed-about Mac and Cheese. The perfect way to close out the night.

Abbaye Northern Liberties Philadelphia

Communal Mac and Cheese

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*Photo credit shout-out! Photos courtesy of Nick Benedetto


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