I Don't Hate You, Philly

It's not youse, it's me

Bite-Sized Edition: Federal Donuts and Smith & Wollensky

What do you call Federal Donuts and a nice steak dinner all in the same week? Best week ev-er.

Federal Donuts

I tried an Indian Cinnamon one from the sorta-confectionery shop in South Philly (they also sling coffee and fried chicken). I actually came across the bag of donuts a day late, and it was still tasty. (I’m sure that says more about the preservatives in our food than anything else, but I digress.)

Donuts? Go nuts!

And then there was Restaurant Week. We had a delectable three-course meal at Smith & Wollensky, overlooking Rittenhouse Square Park.

Smith and Wollensky

Admiring the bell behind me. And the drunk girl outside petting a dog with one hand and smoking a cigarette with the other, waiting for tragedy to strike

Time to go back to straightening my wig hair. ‘Tis the season, right? (No judgment.)

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