I Don't Hate You, Philly

It's not youse, it's me

October 26: Halloween in South Philly

Halloween fell on confusing times this year. The holiday is on a Thursday, so a party the weekend before seems out of sorts. And a party afterward (in November?!) is a bit of a stretch for most.

Thankfully, I might just get the best of everything this fall season: a party the weekend before and after Halloween, and a coworker who has promised to dress up with me at my new office during the week. Talk about everything coming up Milhouse!

In the meantime, here is a snippet of last weekend, en route to my friend’s new house in South Philly.


Dressed up as Elvira Hancock and Tony Montana.”The World is Yours,” but the long teal dress, platinum blonde pageboy wig and fake cigarette are all mine 


group Halloween

Say hello to my little friend! And the tall ones, too, if you’d be so inclined

Mr. Potato Head and Hamburglar

Finally, my parents are the greatest. They’re donning homemade(!) costumes my sister made. Also, my sister had too much time on her hands in high school

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