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TEACH ME HOW to Be Free: Fiona Apple at Merriam Theater

I fell in love with Fiona Apple my freshman year of college.

My cousin had encouraged me to listen to her years earlier, but I couldn’t get into her sound.

“Too dramatic,” I argued. “Too depressing,” I said. Talk about the pot calling the kettle 16, awkward and sad all the time.

Nonetheless, I fell hard for Fiona during the fun, light and puppy love years that comprised my late teens. I loved early Fiona, radio edit Fiona, up tempo Fiona (it exists!) and the then newly released Extraordinary Machine in 2005.

Fiona Apple

Men, sh-men. If I were Fiona I’d gush over myself

  • I remember shopping for new vacation clothes before going down the shore and hearing “O’ Sailor” play in the dark, cramped storeroom.
  • I remember being snowed in during the blizzard of February 2010, cut off from the world and work, and reading about Fiona’s tattoos while playing “Never is a Promise.” (Side note, this storm was referred to as Snowmaggedon? Good God.)
  • And most recently, I remember Fiona Friday binges at my old job, where I listened to fan-composed song lists over the summer.

I love what everyone loves about Fiona: her powerful, velvet-like voice, raw lyrics and overall incredible musical talent. She’s also hauntingly gorgeous.

If that doesn’t do enough for you, she featured an unknown (to me at the time) Zach Galifianakis in her music video for “Not About Love.”

So when she was coming to Philly? My boyfriend quickly snatched two tickets to her October show at the Merriam Theater.

twitterThe show date arrived, and I was eager for my first Fiona concert experience. It began with her and an assistant coming on stage and scrolling “TEACH ME HOW to be free” on a chalkboard. From there, she looked at peace.

The crowd was good, supportive. One fan even handed Fiona a bouquet of flowers toward the end. And much to her delight as she announced she was having “a great time!” into the mic.

Fiona closed out the show with “Waltz (Better Than Fine),” no less. The track I used to listen to on the R7 train ride home after classes my senior year of college, commuting home, gazing restlessly out the window…

So, in closing: I love you, Fiona. And to the Merriam Theater: you were a fine mistress.

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