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Season’s Eatings: Brazilian, Not Sicilian, Burgers & a Blind Pig

*I do not generally enjoy snapping photos of my food or translating “mmmm” into words. So, any descriptors outside of “very good” and “delicious” are to be commended.


“The bread was…chewy!”

The last three months have been filled with some good eat’n. I broke down two sit-down meals, one burger shop and a pub. Enjoy!


For a work dinner just shy of Halloween, we ventured to Market East. Fogo De Chão, a Brazilian steakhouse, is pricey, but worth the money and experience.

Patrons begin with an expansive salad bar and bread, but be careful not to fill up. Workers begin to parade around the tables with meat on sticks — yes, you read that right. My dining party feasted on prime rib, pork, filet mignon and bacon scallops, to name a few, and washed it down with red wine and Irish coffee. After a full belly and text updates on an incredible, hard-to-believe Sixers win against the reigning champs, the Miami Heat, in Game 1 of the ’13-14 season, I’m amazed I wandered back to my train on time.

Photo credit: khalidfood.wordpress.com

Patrons use these cards to demonstrate to servers whether or not they want a serving. There’s “Yes, please!” on the left and “God, no – my heart” on the right.
Photo credit: khalidfood.wordpress.com

Not Sicilian

My apologies to the entire Italian-American dining scene, because I listed my next spot without hesitation as Sicilian. +1 for fact-checking.

Via Napoli Trattoria & Bar is a Neapolitan restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia. The Northeast doesn’t get much love on this blog, so I decided to try a place in my own backyard.


Dinner at Via Napoli #NoFilter, obvs.

I had the Limoncello chicken and a glass of sangria, and both were divine. (I’m actually getting hungry typing this.) Inexpensive with a friendly staff, and right off the Boulevard in NE Philly.


Last month I attended a local work event at the University of Pennsylvania. In between sessions, a group of us braved the elements in search of something quick to eat. That’s when someone mentioned Bobby’s Burger Palace, the Bobby Flay burger joint.

Aside from summer BBQs and fast food, I’m not a big burger person (honest!). It’s an item I never order at restaurants. Why? Because it seems the more preparation that goes into it, the worse it tastes. Same with most bakery items. Just do the bare minimum to make it edible by law, and I’m usually good to go.

Still, majority ruled. I ordered the “Crunchburger,” which is a double cheeseburger with chips. Verdict? Delicious!*

A Blind Pig

Coming back full circle, for a recent work event we had a late night dinner in Northern Liberties. The Blind Pig is a small place with a sociable waitstaff. I believe I read a Yelp review that stated “People seemed to actually like working there,” and I would have to agree.

Our group of 12 feasted on shared poutine, and blue and Thanksgiving balls. I had the grilled chicken sandwich with plenty to spare and bring back for the next night’s dinner. The staff didn’t laugh as hard as they could have when I froze mid-fry, debating whether or not I should eat it or place it back on my plate before wrapping it to go. So, Blind Pig, thanks for that.

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