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Dear Christina Perri: The Electric Factory

Dear Christina Perri,

Is it weird to say that I’ve followed your career since we were in high school? And by having to ask — and addressing you personally on my blog — I know the answer isn’t exactly “no.”

Yes, high school. Ten(!) years ago. You were a year older than me, and you were on the auditorium stage singing for the talent show. I think I paid $3 to attend. (Truth be told, I would have paid anything to avoid a long, painful “B” schedule with my crazy homeroom.) I think I even remember voting for you!

A few years later, my dad was reading the local newspaper. It was a Saturday morning. He asked if I knew a “Christina Perri from Ryan.” He was reading about you and your then-husband producing music videos out in California.

Later, I came across the “Christina Perri Sings” Facebook page. I don’t remember exactly how, I don’t remember when. But I came across your blog, Perri Pickles + Imperfections. It was the blog you had leading up to the very moment your life would change forever. A neat look into your struggles and triumphs right before breaking through.

Through your blog, I fell in love with this song:

And got an all-important reminder to work hard, even when a lazy Sunday was more tempting. That, “exhausted is the new black.”

On June 2, 2010, you wrote, “I wanna be living this life—not just existing + getting by;” 28 days later you catapulted to overnight fame when “Jar of Hearts’ debuted on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

I became a fan like everyone else. I pretty much wanted to become your BFF (15-year-old girl style) when I saw this interview with The Daily Love on Valentine’s Day 2012. And as a frustrated writer and underemployed, young twenty-something, I dug this:


Two years after that tweet, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to your concert in Philly at the Electric Factory. And I got to see you on stage, in person, again!

To my fellow Ragdoll, journo major and Philadelphian — thanks for a great show. It was a nice homecoming.


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