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Happier Hour: Frankford Hall

Nothing says “fun” like a planned, awkward and compulsory work happy hour. But if you have to go out and have one beer on the company dime, Frankford Hall is the place to be.

That doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement. But it is!

Frankford Hall is a German beer garden off Frankford Ave. and Girard. It’s a Stephen Starr property in the Fishtown area of the city.

There is lots of open space, picnic tables and games like ping pong and Jenga.


My neighbor didn’t have a beard 😦

During happy hour I had two drinks and a Bavarian pretzel with cheese, which was warm and delicious. When I returned this past Saturday with friends, I had big ol’ mugs of beer. Even the “smallest” draft is ginormous to me!

I can’t wait to return for a third time. And maybe that time I won’t bang my knees trying to escape from the tables.

Cover photo credit: Allison Stadd, uwishunu

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