I Don't Hate You, Philly

It's not youse, it's me

About the blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

For more than three years I worked in healthcare communications as an editor, conference exhibitor and co-manager of social media. As part of my (very awesome) job duties, I was given the incredible privilege to travel to various cities across the US.

One familiar theme during my travels was, “Why doesn’t Philly do xyz like such and such city?” after stumbling upon a town gem or cool service in another area. More often than not, I was coming down on the city (I thought) I knew and loved. Blasphemous, I know. With the exception of a small stint abroad, I’ve been a lifelong Philadelphia resident and, unfortunately, after 25 years I was getting lazy.

Then, after returning from a recent work trip, it hit me: I don’t hate you, Philly. 

I just let myself get into a sad grind of familiar places and the same-old bar scene. I needed to get out there and rediscover why this city is so great. And I did.

Read about my adventures in culture, historyfood, drink and fun!

Anything extra and not in Philly I choose to blog about will be as my favorite Celebrity Fit Club drill sergeant, Harvey, put it, “money in the bank.”

Feel free to follow along, and reach me on Twitter or through the contact form.


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