I Don't Hate You, Philly

It's not youse, it's me

It’s not youse, it’s me

In the summer of 2008, I made the leap to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. (My first plane ride ever was transatlantic and to another country, what! #humblebrag?) Post-college graduation from Temple University in May 2009, I travel blogged, took a five-week essay writing class in New York City and started freelancing. In 2010, I accepted a position in healthcare communications as an editor, conference exhibitor and co-manager of social media. When I’m not asking strangers in scrubs about their jobs, I’m traveling and loving every second of it!

Professional activities: traveling, trying new things, obsessing over new media, and attending workshops and seminars

Personal hobbies: all of the above, Philly sports, 90s Smashing Pumpkins, everything pop culture, quoting The Simpsons, sitting quietly during trips, clapping along with songs and diabetes


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